Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Very Lancastrian Christmas

So here it is, merry christmas.... or rather, there it was. After 4 long months of festive build up Christmas has been and gone in a flash. We are still opening gifts 4 days later, and still ploughing through the leftovers. We haven't had the traditional turkey curry yet but theres time!

Edward and Harriet have been well and truly spoilt, if anyone has any ideas where we are going to put all their presents, answers on a postcard please! They've had lots of books, dvds, baby dollies with a cot and pushchair, wooden trains, jigsaw puzzles, a music player, Playmobil zoo, mini aquadoodle (so we now have 2 pens! yay!) a tea set, and come New Year they will also have 2 boxes of sticklebricks to keep them entertained. I shall take this opportunity to thank all aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great-grandparents, and of course Father Christmas for all the gifts they have given. Im not sure when all the toys will get played with but Im sure they will eventually.

A very brief round-up of 2012... E&H celebrated their first birthday, in as much as two 1 yr olds know about birthdays and celebrating! We also had our first family holiday to the seaside. P went off to deepest darkest Herefordshire for a week of singing followed by 4 days in Denmark for yet more singing. This was interspersed with some frantic PhD writing and more singing which finally culminated in the submission of the PhD (woooo!) and the recording of a CD in december. My year has been much less exciting in comparison, although Im sure there are many people who would give their left leg to spend their time feeding the ducks or playing on the swings and slide so I wont complain!

And what will 2013 hold I wonder? Hopefully a tonsilectomy for me (what a thing to get excited about eh?!) and maybe a bit of weight loss and a new job..

It may be a few days early but never mind,

Happy New Year!

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