Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumnal Equinox

Friday 23rd September 2011, the autumnal equinox, the first day of autumn (although the MetOffice would have you believe that was 1st September). In our household friday 23rd September 2011 also marked another milestone in the year; Edward and Harriet were 26 weeks old. Today, 2 days later, they are properly 6 months old. I think we timed their arrival very well to have every 6 months marked by an equinox!

Both babies are now rolling, Edward more freely than Harriet. Although they arent crawling yet we can no longer put them on their mat to play and leave the room to put the kettle on, or answer the door, safe in the knowledge that when we come back they will be exactly where we left them... Edward likes to turn through 180 degrees, he can also travel backwards (not quite sure how) and he gets up on his hands and knees but thats as far as crawling goes at the moment. Im sure he practises in his sleep too as we are always finding him at the other end of the cot at an 180 degree angle from where we originally placed him!

Weaning is going remarkably well I think, they seem to like most things that are presented to them, and sometimes the food even makes it into their mouths. Now they are at the 6 month mark the dinner time repertoire can be substantially widened to include such delicacies as scrambled egg, toast, cheese and meat, and in a format that actually resembles the afore mentioned food stuffs and not a generic mush. Happy days. P made the mistake of bringing a yoghurt into their line of sight earlier, he didnt get much of it..

In the words of the cartoons they used to show on a sunday afternoon, that's all folks, at least until the babies are restrained somehow so it doesnt take 4 hours to write one post on here!

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