Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Right Royal Palaver

I rather stupidly thought that people would soon get used to seeing a double pushchair around town, as we are out in town most days plus the fact that there are at least 7 other sets of twins living in this city, and therefore the silly comments would soon stop... In the words of the wise Homer Simpson, D'oh! What was I thinking?! What on earth would the good folks of Lichfield do if they didnt have my offspring to gawp at and pass comment on?! However I have become rather good at just looking at the ground and ignoring anyone who attempts to get away with 'ooooh double trouble' or 'wow I dont envy you!' or possibly the best one yet, from a police officer no less, 'golly you didnt waste much time, there isnt much between them is there?'. Erm... 2 minutes... 'Oh are they twins then?' Wow I can see why you were chosen for the Forces of Crimefighting, not much gets past you! I can see the topic of stupid comments being one which runs forever..

OK rant over.

We started to notice that whenever we were eating we would have 2 pairs of eyes watching our every move, and two little pink tongues had started licking lips... So we decided to try them on some baby porridge. After a rather hestitant start and some very amusing faces by Edward and Harriet, Edward decided he quite liked porridge and lunged at the spoon. Ten minutes and 2 very messy babies later the porridge bowl was empty, and weaning had begun. This monumental moment was quickly followed by lots of debates on why weaning shouldnt have begun. Edward and Harriet are thriving though and surely that is the best set of guidelines to follow. They have banana porridge for breakfast every day and thoroughly enjoy eating it, wearing it, smearing it all over their hands and faces, their chairs...

I got rather excited about 2 weeks ago when they both received letters, my excitement was rather short lived however when I realised it was just notification of their 16 week jabs. Shame the only mail they get is to tell them they are getting needles jabbed in them :-( I need not have worried though as they were as good as gold, they cried (we all cried) when they were jabbed as they had to have 3 each but by the time we left the nurse's office Harriet was fast asleep and Edward was looking around and smiling at everyone, so definitely a much better experience than the 12 week jabs! I must say though I am rather pleased they dont have any more until next april.

The day after their jabs was an altogether more exciting day, not that they will remember it. The Queen came to the Cathedral for a military ceremony so there was much craziness in The Close (and the policeman who asked the daftest question so far). We didnt get very close although her car did drive past us as she left the Cathedral so we were able to get some pictures. Sadly Harriet didnt get to show off her new trick which is probably a good thing really as I didnt want to get put in the Tower for insulting the Queen.. (a few weeks a go in an effort to get Harriet to smile I stuck my tongue out at her. She laughed and then stuck hers out at me! Since then whenever she starts giggling her tongue appears along with a very cheeky look on her face. She's obviously a very fast learner so maybe I should start teaching her quantum physics or something similar?). As lovely as it was to have Her Majesty around it was also very nice to have The Close back to normal again, I have never seen so many police people in one place!

The next big milestone is on monday (right now its just about still wednesday) when the babies are officially 4 months old. Edward is on the verge of rolling over, he just needs to figure out where to put his arms! Harriet is sitting up almost totally unsupported. Both are dribbling and drooling for Britain and have little white specks lurking in their gums but so far are not showing any signs of cutting teeth just yet. I did wonder if Edward was cutting a fang the other day as he had 2 little pin pricks on his fist where he chews it but neither P nor I could feel anything coming through. Im sure it wont be long. They are growing so fast, they now sleep in separate cots as we had a headbutting incident one night last week. In the next few weeks we will be sorting out the study so it can become their room. Hope the rats wont mind too much about sharing. They are piling on the weight too, the day they had their jabs they were weighed for the first time in 4 weeks; Edward is now 15lb and Harriet 12lb 8oz. Both are following the middle centiles in their red books and gaining weight nice and steadily so we are obviously doing something right :-)

mmmm porridge!
look! Im tall!
no hands!
waiting to see the Queen
Her Majesty looking lovely in lavender!

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