Friday, 28 January 2011

How Time Flies...

I've just consulted my calendar and realised it's been over a month since I last had the energy/found the time/could be bothered* (* delete as applicable ;-) ) to write. I can't believe how long ago Christmas now seems, or how much I have grown since then...

So here's a brief summary of what's been happening:

P and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on 22nd Dec. I can't for the life of me remember what, if anything, we did... I do seem to recall mince pies featuring somewhere....

Christmas was spent quietly at home, just the two of us with a little input now and again from the onboard passengers. P was working (the joy of your employer being a large Cathedral) so we couldn't really do anything much even if we were able to. Bump was starting to make its/their presence felt a little more, which was very reassuring as there wasnt much movement for a few days in the run up to Christmas, but by the time we had striped the turkey carcass (Christmas Day evening) both P and I had been on the receiving end of several well-aimed wallops.

Nothing happens at New Year, ever. So lets glide straight over to:

We managed to acquire ourselves an automobile (many thanks to P's mum for the loan of her vehicle!) and at great speed (or more accurately the speed limits imposed on the A38) made our way to visit Nan for her birthday, and to introduce Bump to Great-Nannie. I feel I should point out that our visit wasn't Nan's present, that accolade went to a large flowering pink plant in a pot, a Chrysanthemumumumumum I believe it was (is it any wonder they get labelled as 'Pot Mums'? Although that does invoke a rather amusing image...). We also popped in to see Mum (she wasn't in a pot) and her rather enthusiastic colleagues at work before heading off to Sainsburys (wooooo!). A visit to Sainsburys is a very rare occurence hence its mentioning here.

Wednesday 12 January 2011 (blimey!) we had our 25 week midwife appointment. The last time we had seen her was at our booking in back in September as all of our appointments since then had been at the hospital with a consultant. We nearly didnt get there as we kept meeting people we knew en route to the doctor's surgery. Most days you will see one or two people around the Close who you know, but the one day we didnt want to see anyone we met more people than we had done for weeks. Thankfully the surgery was running a little late (insert a little eyebrow raising smilie in here...) which meant I was able to find loads of useful leaflets while we were waiting, and use them to try and cool down a little. My vital signs were checked, I was rather pleased to hear that I had blood pressure, even if it was a little high (you try rushing up a steep hill at 6 months preggers with twins and then we'll see how high your BP is!!). I managed to keep hold of all of my blood (having it drained doesn't bother me but P always turns a funny colour, even though he insists he's fine) but I think its days are numbered, namely (numerically??) 4th February, when we have our next consultant appointment and scan. The most exciting part of this visit was hearing the heartbeats, which I hadnt realised we would. Im still not 100% certain the midwife heard both as they sounded exactly the same to my ear, but what we heard was good. However I can confirm there are definitely two very active aliens sharing my blood supply... Apparently I'm supposed to be able to tell when they are asleep and when they arent by now, hmmmmmmmm in that case I deduce they do not sleep at all! Jousting, yes. Boxing, yes. Kicking and punching, absolutely. Dancing on Mummy's bladder all night long, definitely! And if Daddy starts snoring in the night... its amazing how far their kicks can reach... ;-)

So now we have reached 27 weeks and 2 days, I am absolutely enormous and starting to resemble a beached whale. I have also discovered that stretchmarks have appeared, not that I am at all surprised! Given the amount of growing thats gone over the past two weeks I'm actually amazed my skin hasnt split. I guess there is still time though.. We have lots of appointments coming up now we are nearly in the home straight, so these random musings may appear slightly more frequently. Unless the babies arrive next week in which case tune in at Christmas!

                                       Bump at 26 weeks :-) No laughing at the sexy pyjamas..

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