Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Journey Begins...

On friday 13th August, 2010, I sat rather nervously on the side of the bath, a small white plastic stick in my hand. In a matter of minutes this innocuous piece of technology would let me know if my life, and that of my husband, would be changing forever. Its amazing just how long 2 minutes can be...

When I gathered the courage to look, about 5 minutes later, 2 little lines had appeared, one just a shade darker than the other. Ok then. Positive. Wow. Blimey. Am I ready for this?! 

Im not really sure how I managed to get my phone to make contact with my husband, who was away at the time of testing, but thankfully it was he who answered and not a random stranger. Somehow I was able to stutter 'its positive', and after a few confused comments from him he realised what I meant.. We both spent the rest of the day walking around with stupid smiles on our faces in our respective corners of the UK.

Three days and 2 further positive tests later (we had to make sure we weren't hallucinating) I rang my GP's surgery to make an appointment for the tests to be verified (they don't just take your word for it around here). We were so worried that this test would come back negative, especially when I rang for the results at the given time only to be told they didnt have them yet. Another nervous 24hrs passed, this time I was told they did have the results (they had had them since I phoned the previous day) and yes it had come back positive. Cue a huge joint sigh of relief in the Lancaster household!

And so it has been confirmed, we are pregnant, expecting, with child, up the duff, whichever phrase you wish to employ at this juncture. Let the life changing experience begin!

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